Know the Signs

Incorrectly installed CWI is known to cause all kinds of damage to properties and even to the health of that that live in it. If you've noticed any of the signs in your home, you should not have to put up with them, so you should start your claim with us without delay.



Damp walls

Check all the walls for visible damage or if they always feel very cold or damp. Damp can also form under carpets so check these too. Sometimes, paintwork or wallpaper can bubble or peel because of it, so check them too.


Rotting woodwork

Window sills, floorboards and beams in in the attic are all easy places to check for damage caused by damp.



excessive condensation

An easy to spot sign of damp is consistently fogged up windows. This is a clear sign of excessive moisture within your property that might be caused by incorrectly installed CWI.


Visit our gallery page for more examples of damage you can claim for.

To find out if you're eligible to make a claim, call us 24/7 on 0800 888 6363 to speak to one of our claim assessors for FREE NO OBLIGATION ADVISE or simply submit an ELIGIBILITY ENQUIRY and tell us when you would like us to call you.